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Adrenaline <br />rush


Driving legendary <br />military vehicle

Driving legendary
military vehicle

Shooting from<br />real weapons

Shooting from
real weapons


Feel the Power of Soviet-era Military Weaponry and Unify the Team Spirit

You will have the opportunity not only to ride on the legendary military equipment of the USSR, but also to independently manage it. These feelings are incomparable when, under your control, military equipment weighing 10 tons. “You can’t drive? No, I haven’t heard” - this is our rule. On our military equipment we can drive everywhere. In addition, with us you can shoot from the legendary AK-47 - check how well prepared and cool you are. All this will raise adrenaline in your blood, and remind you that we are men! Shooting and sorties on armored vehicles on the road - a truly masculine pleasure!

We offer the following tours:


Tour cost:

From 285$


Tour cost:

From 260$

Workout of piloting

Tour cost:

From 350$

Workout of hang gliding

Tour cost:

From 300$


Tour cost:

From 300$

Shooting tour

Tour cost:

From 170$

Nuclear missile base

Tour cost:

From 150$

Private tour to Chernobyl

Tour cost:

From 250$



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Feel the Power of Soviet-era Military Weaponry and Unify the Team Spirit
If you are looking for an exciting corporate traveling for all the company, then you need to make a point of a Kiev military tour. Such an adventure, developed by the Military Tour Company, is a great way to get new emotion, get to know each other better, and increase the level of adrenaline in the blood.
What the corporate military tour can propose?
The Military Tour Company assumes all responsibilities and accompanies vacationers at every stage, creating the necessary atmosphere and giving customers the feeling of maximum realism. All the participants get the possibility
To transfer directly from Kiev to firing range and back.
To drive the armored personnel vehicle or tank.
To use blank ammunition and make nearly 20 shots (using AK-47).
To enjoy delicious field dishes, cooked in the fresh air.
To see the tank in real life and check its maneuverability in practice.
To have a drink in the required conditions.
To make a lot of atmospheric photos and capture such bright moments.
To be sure in safeness due to the insurance sales.
To get the consultation from the professional instructor that not only will answer your questions but also will make some kind of short but an interesting excursion into war history.
To get amazing military holidays and remember this event for a lifetime.
Pay attention that the transfer is organized according to the pre-ordered data and it’s better to come in a good time! You have to be precisely careful while driving the tank and follow the instructor’s recommendations. After active military operations, the participants will be offered buckwheat cereal with ragout, bread, and juice/water (the menu may vary and has to be clarified). There is a lot of equipment, weapons, and pyrotechnics on the territory, so the organizers are watching everything and observing safety precautions because all these provide the basis for safe fun. Listen carefully to the instructions and try to plunge into the atmosphere; doing so will make the adventure even more realistic and vivid.
Why should you choose the tour form the Military Tour Company?
Because the organization creates realistic conditions and is regarded as one of the best military corporate events organizer in Kyiv. Here you have an opportunity to become part of realistic warlike activities without any risks. Moreover, the company uses real tanks that still are on-the-go and are used in the East of Ukraine. Despite using the bulleted blank, the person can perform shooting from the real AK-47, the gun that became legendary. It’s amazing that parts and mechanisms of the specified assault rifle of the 1946 year model had cardinal differences from all the serial models of then-noted Soviet weapons. The arms material had an individual switch of fire modes, a sectionalized shot gun receiver, and a rotary gate. Notwithstanding the fact that further alterations of the Kalashnikov assault rifle are considered as an example of dependability and flexibility in application, the back issue AK-46 did not have these peculiarities and was a rather capricious and hard to use weapon. So keeping in hands such a unique gun (AK-47) is a remarkable thing.
All the operations on the range are performed under the supervision of professionals, and the created atmosphere will definitely be close to real actions, which will awaken an additional dose of adrenaline and vivid sensations in the organism. You can order corporate traveling anytime, but it’s better to make it in advance and specify the number of people so that the company can prepare and do everything at the highest level. Use our website to make a reservation and get additional information.