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The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs). It was developed in the late 1950s as a replacement for the BTR-152 and was seen in public for the first time in 1961. BTR stands for Bronetransporter (BTR, literally “armoured transporter”). You have a great opportunity to ride this legendary vehicle. The experience of driving an eight-ton armored vehicle on off-road will definitely remain in your memory. Moreover, our BTR-60 was directly involved in…


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    Want Some Adrenaline? Visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Enjoy the Private Tour Advantages What is a Chernobyl Exclusion Zone? It’s towns that are gone, villages from which only the tablets remained, empty nurseries, and forested houses. Moreover, it’s high-rise apartment buildings with only a loud echo and time-worn dolls waiting for their little hostesses who will never come after them ... Chernobyl private tour is a journey in which you will get answers to many questions from the 30-year-old past. The explosion has led to the destruction of the fourth power-generating plant. The radiation, scattered by the wind, struck the residents who were not aware of the danger. The Soviet government has been silent about the invisible killer hovering in the air for almost 3 weeks. People were evacuated immediately from the disaster area, but nothing was said to residents of other towns. The 30 km Exclusion Zone is overgrown with forests and myths, stories about mutants and zombies. What did radiation do to cities, villages, and forests? What’s behind the barbed wire? The territory has been abandoned to outsiders for a long time, but 10 years ago people got the opportunity to visit this place. The Exclusion Zone is now one of the most exotic and fascinating tourism destinations on the planet. Notwithstanding this, what awaits the tourists who decided to look into this mystic land? What you will see during your trip? Chernobyl is the most populated city in the 30 km zone. Several thousand people live here, mostly in shifts. The contrast, of course, is striking – here is a habitable house with well-kept balconies and next to it is a ghost-building with broken windows... The city itself is located 12 km from the nuclear power plant; now it is full of life and its residents support the Zone in an environmentally safe state. Red Forest is a unique phenomenon that appeared after the radiation influence (the trees became orange). The water channel from the nuclear power plant cooling pond is a local legend due to the catfish giants, which are radioactive (no one touches them). Some rare species of fish also appear here and somehow a catfish weighing 60 kg was found in one of the reservoirs! Moreover, you can easily find boars and wolves on the streets of abandoned territory. Pripyat is the historical atomic town that can be perceived as a monument to the tragedy. 50.000 people were taken away in 2 hours (when the tragedy happened), as this place is located just 2 km from the power plant. Now it is one of the most mysterious places in the Exclusion Zone as it’s full of rusty road signs, surviving telephone booths, and broken traffic lights. Tourists love to do selfies on their background as each photo reflects the seriousness of the situation and can be easily downloaded on the Shutterstock. Why should you choose private tours to Chernobyl? You get Comfortable transportation Kiev-Chernobyl-Kiev. The possibility to enjoy delicious lunch, cooked of natural and fully safe products. Insurance. An opportunity to spend the whole day in Chernobyl and explore the territory under the supervision of a highly professional guide. The private accompaniment of English-speaking person, who will share his experience with you. The capability to visit the most popular in the world locations that were depicted in the Chernobyl series. Are Chernobyl tours safe? Yes, it’s. The level of irradiation during fluorography (gamma radiation) is much higher than what can be obtained in the Exclusion Zone. Yet, before the trip, tourists sign the document and thus take responsibility for the possible risks during or after the trip. How much radiation from a tour at Chernobyl in mSv/h? Anything below 0.05 Sv can be regarded as absolutely harmless. The expected dose you can get from the tour is around 0.010 – 0.015 mSv, which is 0.00001 Sv. The trip is fully safe, but you should remember that one of the first signs of exposure is the bitter taste of metal in your mouth. This indicates that you need to leave the radioactive territory urgently. The next stage is a headache and nausea. Pisces of advices for tourists Those who are under the age of 18 are prohibited from entering the Exclusion Zone. Forget about your favorite T-shirts, flip-flops, and miniskirts. The clothes should be closed and tight, even if you are going to visit Chernobyl in hot weather. You should bring your hats, scarves, goggles, and rain capes. You can take some snacks and water with you but be aware that eating, drinking, or even smoking outdoors in the Zone is prohibited. You should play it safe and don’t taste the Chernobyl mushrooms or berries. Be sure to bring your first aid kit. Many buildings in the Zone are in an emergency state, so it is dangerous to approach them. It is better not to deviate from the route and stick to the guide. When leaving the area you will have to undergo radiation monitoring.