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We offer you to shoot from real military weapons. Our offer includes five types of weapons: AK-47, Mosin rifle, shotgun, pistol (optional), and Dragunov sniper rifle. You will have the opportunity to experience the power and accuracy of each weapon. You will be given 50 shots (10 shots from each weapon), you can order more shots. Weapon shooting give an unforgettable experience! You can also test your skills in shooting…


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    Military Tour: Feel the Adrenalin Running Through your Veins The military tour is considered as not only an amazing gift for men, but a great option for women who love the thrill and want to try something new in their life. If a person never held a weapon in his/her hands and did not see military equipment live, this trip is a great opportunity to enjoy these sensations. Even if you are an experienced one, the tour contributes to improve the skills and demonstrate them. The Military Tour Company is located in Kiev and proposes the possibility to drive the legendary military equipment of the USSR and also independently handle it. Some of the tanks weigh is nearly 10 tones and such a “monster” is able to pass all the hindrances, present the emotion of complete freedom of action, and the ability to drive where an ordinary car could not withstand the load. Moreover, the company creates the conditions for spectacular shooting in Kiev via the legendary AK-47 assault rifle. Shooting in Kiev: The Most Popular Tours Military Adverse Terrain Vehicle belongs to really interesting proposals, as the person gets the right to drive the specified off-road vehicle manufactured by the USSR. This equipment still is used in military operations in the East of Ukraine, so its reliability and power were tested in practice. It has a simple and reliable design because it is affected by the fact that many elements of the chassis, transmission, and control of the unit were “inherited” from light tanks. The relatively small dimensions and weight of the all-terrain vehicle allow it to be transported by air using a heavy Mi-26 helicopter or transport aircraft. You can drive overland and feel the power of the tracked cross-country vehicle that has no barriers. Moreover, there’s a possibility of the Kalashnikov gun shooting with the blank bullets using, but such an option has to be pre-ordered and paid additionally (50$ for 20 rounds). The program contains The transfer from Kiev to the firing range and back. The equipment driving with the ability to control it by yourself. Treats from the field kitchen (Ukrainian gorilka and beer can be ordered additionally). Drinks (juice or water). A safe environment creating and accident insurance. The professional instructor support (the trainers speak Russian, Ukrainian, and English). Amazing emotions and unforgettable experience. Our managers are able to introduce you to the prices for this shooting tour Kiev, so use the contact information on the website to get your questions answered. BTR-80 is the next popular tour that contains all the same proposals, but the ability to drive the famous 8×8 wheeled amphibious armored carrier which was deployed for the first time during the Soviet-Afghan War. This vehicle-weapon is designed to transport personnel and support them with fire on the battlefield. Although, the fire function is more relevant to the infantry fighting vehicle. The unit’s body frame is made of rolled armor plates and has a streamlined shape that is necessary to give it buoyancy and to increase its protection possibilities. The thickness of the armor does not exceed 10 millimeters. It’s interesting that the BTR-80 is 2 tons heavier than its predecessor, but due to the installation of a more powerful engine, such a peculiarity did not affect its maneuverability. Remember that you can not only drive the legendary vehicle but also make nearly 20 shots on the shooting range Kiev (via AK-47) and enjoy the whole day spending in field conditions. Such an outdoor tour will also be interesting for computer game fans, as here they can immerse in a military atmosphere (while being on the range), touch real gun, see (drive) real war transport, and compare all the objects with virtual reality. Why you should choose the Kiev shooting tour from Military Tour Company? Here are some serious and convincing moments: The company cooperates only with experienced instructors, who have a highly-professional level. They all used the pistol in real life and have military training; moreover, the specialist will bring a lot of useful and interesting information to all the participants and will share with some curious secrets about gun handling. It all is legal, so there are no problems with the authority. The company proposes you a gun shooting Kiev trip on favorable terms, as the price of such a pleasure is affordable, and the received pleasure will remain with you for life. Personal service also plays an important role, as the customer can order additional moments, previously discussed the implementation of the desires with the organization representatives. The safety level is really high and the Military Tour Company has thought over many moments, so it guarantees safety to all vacationers. You need to worry about nothing, as everything will be done especially according to personal wishes and on the professional level.