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Today, the American SUV of the Second World War is easily recognizable in any photographs of the war and post-war years; it is a frequent guest on the movie screen not only in documentaries, but also in almost all films about this war. The car became a real classic during its lifetime and gave its name to a whole class of cars.

Currently, the word “jeep” itself denotes any car with good off-road ability, but initially this nickname was assigned to a very specific piece of technology, whose fate was closely intertwined not only with the United States, but also with the history of our country.

Tour cost
1 person: 210$
2 people: 280$ (140$ x2)
3 people: 330$ (110$ x3)
For more amount of people, please ask our manager.
Tour include
  • transfer Kiev-polygon-Kiev
  • riding and driving of military vehicle
  • national lunch
  • shooting from gun machine on the SUV
  • health insurance
  • professional guide/instructor (РУС/ENG)


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