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Workout of hang gliding

Hang gliding is something completely unrealistic. You just fly in the air like a bird, without a cabin and the noise of turbines. We consider the hang glider flight as close as possible to the feeling of freedom. When you soar on wings and everything that remains on the earth seems so small and carefree. You will have the opportunity to manage and choose the route yourself. After training and gaining basic skills, you yourself will be able to control the hang glider.

Tour cost
1 person: 400$
2 people: 700$ (350$ x2)
3 people: 900$ (300$ x3)
For more amount of people, please ask our manager.
Tour include
  • transfer Kiev-aerodrome-Kiev
  • workout of hang gliding
  • national lunch
  • drinks (juice, water, coffee, beer)
  • health insurance
  • professional guide/instructor (РУС/ENG)
  • hang gliding training certificate


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