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Workout of piloting

Which of us did not want to be at the helm of an airplane at least once in a lifetime! And not just sit but really control the plane in the air. We offer our customers such a unique opportunity. You will pass basic training and gain the necessary knowledge for piloting. During the flight, the instructor will give you the opportunity to independently control the plane. And we are sure that this feeling will remain with you for life.

Tour cost
1 person: 450$
2 people: 800$ (400$ x2)
3 people: 1050$ (350$ x3)
For more amount of people, please ask our manager.
Tour include
  • transfer Kiev-aerodrome-Kiev
  • workout of piloting
  • national lunch
  • drinks (juice, water, coffee, beer)
  • health insurance
  • professional guide/instructor (РУС/ENG)
  • pilot training certificate


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